Impossible Dream 2019.jpg

Impossible Dream 2019

Original - 42x30


*An additional charge for delivery or shipping will be invoiced & paid prior to scheduled delivery if app.


Have you ever had a dream that seemed too good to be true? Of course! Dreams are not true unless you make them a reality.  This piece is about having a dream that at first is too good to be true and you fully commit yourself to making it reality. I believe anything is possible if you just believe!


This original is 42w X 30h Acrylic on stretched canvas. The sides are finished so framing is optional.  This is available for shipping or I will gladly deliver within 100 miles of the studio (Nevada, IA 50201) for free and only $1.00 per mile for any extra distance up to 200 miles. Over 200 miles? No worries this can be shipped for aprox $100 within the continental US only. Studio pick up is available during regularly posted hours. (See website and Facebook for specific times)  It is signed and dated on the front.

Shipping Information

The piece is not available for free shipping.   Any painting over 16x20 can be delivered free (within 100 miles) or shipped for a fee over 200 miles of Nevada, IA 50201 or can be picked up at the studio.  There is a $1.00 per mile charge for deliveries of 100 - 200 miles. Continental US shipping will cost aprox $100

Return Policy

I want you to be as satisfied with my art as I am.  For this reason if you are unsatisfied please contact me and I will be more than happy to refund your entire purchase price when you ship back the artwork.  Art that is delivered will have a $1 per mile fee deducted from your total paid after it is safely returned.