Springtime Stroll 2015.jpg

Springtime Stroll 2015

Original 16x20




I had such fun working on this piece!  It was originally part of a bigger series where I used non traditional tools in the painting process.  Most of the paint was applied using a plastic bag. I love the effects and the organic shapes it allows for.  And the acrylic paint seems to really keep good economy when applied with methods similar. Inspiration for this came from the impressionism paintings….it was like a Sunday walk (stroll) in a garden full of blooming spring flowers. It makes me happy knowing that Monet had influenced my spirit during this creation. I hope you feel as happy as I do with this work. 


This original is 16w X 20h Acrylic on stretched canvas. The sides are not finished so framing is suggested.  This is available for free shipping or you may pick up in studio

Shipping Information

The piece is available for free shipping.   Or it can be picked up at the studio. 

Return Policy

I want you to be as satisfied with my art as I am.  For this reason if you are unsatisfied please contact me and I will be more than happy to refund your entire purchase price when you ship back the artwork.  Art that is delivered will have a $1 per mile fee deducted from your total paid after it is safely returned.