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Born 1969 Memphis TN.

Currently resides in Boone, Iowa. "Painting" with abstract lines of color is how he creates his experience of art. He obtained his degree in Art from Northwest Missouri State University in 1993. He has lived in Dallas TX, Birmingham AL, Knoxville TN and Kansas City MO.

About the Process

Inspired by nature...abstracted by art. Inspiration is all around, you just have to slow down and look. When you find it you’ll know it. Spending time in nature is a favorite of his when searching for an idea for a painting or a new series. Taking photos and video along the way, he is able to bring the normally overlooked color shifts, patterns, and textures he finds back into his studio for creating abstract twists on mother nature. Abstraction is in the mind until it fully develops during the process (what Shea calls the art experience). The end result of this experience is the artwork or piece of art. It is Shea’s hope that the viewer of his artwork will be able to relive at least a small portion of the art experience he had while creating it. Abstraction is an emotion that can’t be put into words, it is like a feeling that you can’t describe.

Tools & Technique

Painting on his over-sized 4 ft by 8 ft easel, he sometimes begins with a large blank sheet of "paper or canvas" ranging in size from 16 x 20 inches (sometimes smaller, like the size of a computer screen lol) all the way up to a very large 36 x 96 inches. He creates various scenes from landscapes to portraits in a somewhat abstract expressionistic style yet with a "modern" flare. Signature style charcoal black lines may sometimes shoot off in many directions and at various speeds. Areas of color move out and into the past parts of the experience. Always moving and changing as your eye views various angles within the "painting".

What does "Painting" mean?

Painting is traditionally thought of as applying a pigmented goo to the surface of something. While that is true, SHEA see's painting as much more than that. Simply it is how one applies color, texture, light, emotion and so much more to a surface that is 2D, 3D, etc. It is what becomes his visual art experience. This could be a traditional painting, drawing, photograph, digitally altered image, photoshop creation, sculpture etc. 

"When I am painting with abstract lines of color, it is more than just visual stimulation. It involves all of my senses. I paint the way I like to paint, not how the world tells me."

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